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Gyproc® Drywall QUIET -Partition and Wall System where the soundproof of STC61
Sound insulation classification

Marketing description

  • Gyproc® Drywall QUIET -Partition and Wall System where the soundproof of STC61 is required.
  • Gyproc® Drywall QUIET is a lightweight, non-loadbearing, twin framed acoustic separating wall, often used in developments such as apartments, hotels, hospitals and schools where a high level of acoustic performance is required to either meet or exceed Building Regulations.


Key facts

  • Gyproc® Drywall QUIET Partition and Wall System can provide the soundproof of STC 61 and up to an estimated 90 minutes of fire protection to structural steel enclosed within its cavity, whilst maintaining the room-to-room acoustic performance.
  • The twin-frame design allows services, structural steel and with the 2 layers of  Gyproc® Regular boards to easily be accommodated within the partition.
  • Reduced sound transmission is achieved by a high degree of isolation between the two frameworks and the use of high-performance Gyproc® Gypsum Board Linings. 
  • Performance ;
Technical Performance

 49mm GypFrame® C-STUD + 

     Double Layers Board lining          

Board thickness

Outer 12 mm

Inner 12 mm

System weight 38 kg/m2
System thickness 180 mm
Sound insulation STC 61
Fire-resistance 60 min
Duty rating Severe


Installation overview

(1) GypFrame® ‘U’ Tracks are suitably fixed to the floor and soffit in two rows.

(2) Frame® ‘C’ Studs are suitably fixed to abutments in two rows.

(3) The perimeter of each frame is then sealed with Gyproc® Sealant.

(4) GypFrame® 'C' Studs are then friction fitted into the GypFrame® ‘U’ Tracks at the required centers. Door openings are constructed to the Heavy and Severe Duty Rating door detail.

(5) The two frameworks are braced with GypFrame® ‘U’ Track attached to the GypFrame® 'C' Studs with Screws, two screws per junction.

(6) Insulation is added to the partition cavity for increased acoustic performance.

(7) Gyproc® Gypsum Boards are then fixed to the framework with Gyproc® Drywall Screws.



Construction detail
1. Section details

Gypwall Quiet.jpg

Typical details

(1)GypFrame®  ‘C’ Stud

(2)GypFrame®  ‘U’ Track

(3)Gyproc® Gypsum Board

(4)Gyproc® Drywall Screw

(5)Gyproc® Cotton Tape

(6)Gyproc® JOINTING

(7)Gyproc® Fixing Strap




2. Section details

Section-Gypwall Quiet.jpg

(1)GypFrame®  ‘C’ Stud

(2)GypFrame®  ‘U’ Track

(3)Gyproc® Gypsum Board

(4)ISOVER®  Glasswool 50 mm thick

(5)Gyproc® Sealant

(6) Gyproc® Drywall Screw

(7)Gyproc® Fixing Strap

3.Board staggered detail

Board staggered detail-Gypwall Quiet.jpg



(1)GypFrame® ‘C’ Stud

(2)GypFrame® ‘U’ Track

(3)Gyproc® Gypsum Board

(4)ISOVER® Glasswool 50 mm thick

(5)Gyproc® Drywall Screw

(6)Gyproc® Wafer Head Screw

  • Please download more drawing files

    (1) Deflection head – 25 mm, 60 min fire rated

    (2)Corner detail – 90 degree corner

    (3)T junction detail

    (4)4-way junction detail with Twin Frame

    (5)4-way junction detail with Singel Frame