Gyproc® Spec Sure Guarantee System

Guarantee System

Gyproc® Spec Sure

Mettre en œuvre des produits Placo® 
marqués SystèmePlaco®, c’est :

  • L’utilisation de produits de qualité : respect des normes produits (Européennes et NF)
  • Le respect des règles de l’art : conformité au DTU
  • L’atteinte des performances : performances techniques des ouvrages (mécanique, acoustique, feu) validées par des rapports d’essais et mise à disposition des documents techniques (PV, Avis Techniques, FDE&S).

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Key facts

  • Produces a seamless surface ready for decoration.
  • For larger areas, these products can be mechanically applied.


  • Gyproc® jointing materials produce durable joint reinforcement and a smooth, continuous, crack-resistant surface ready for priming and final decoration.

  • Gyproc® jointing materials seal the lining, a prerequisite if the building element is to achieve specified levels of fire resistance and sound insulation. The materials can be applied either manually using hand tools, or mechanically, using mechanical jointing tools. A number of jointing specifications are available to suit the board type, method of application, and site preference.

  • Area of use: Used for plastering joints of gypsum boards. Plastering work on the screw heads as well as repairing damage on the floor system surface.  To smooth the gypsum surface before painting. or stick wallpaper. Use only for indoor work and area do not touch or humidity regularly.

Construction detail