Gyproc® Spec Sure Guarantee System

Guarantee System

Gyproc® Spec Sure

Mettre en œuvre des produits Placo® 
marqués SystèmePlaco®, c’est :

  • L’utilisation de produits de qualité : respect des normes produits (Européennes et NF)
  • Le respect des règles de l’art : conformité au DTU
  • L’atteinte des performances : performances techniques des ouvrages (mécanique, acoustique, feu) validées par des rapports d’essais et mise à disposition des documents techniques (PV, Avis Techniques, FDE&S).

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Key facts

  • High level of design flexibility

  • Service inspection and access points are easily included during design or installation. 

  • Can be used with most water-based acrylic paints and breathable wallpaper.

  • Smooth and seamless surface decoration.

  • Improvement to acoustic performance can be achieved without the need to access the room above.



  • Gyproc® Concealed ceiling is a monolithic suspended system that allows customers to achieve a beautiful, homogeneous appearance and a smooth finish without visible joints. Different kinds of gypsum boards are used for the concealed ceiling system depending on the application area. Key Benefit of Gyproc® Boards (See more details)

    • Gyproc® Boards is strong, firm. It is difficult to bend.
    • The smoothness of the board surface and keeps the joints smooth. until the seam is not visible as per the big one sheet.
    • The screw head does not fall off, does not sink when shooting the screw.
    • Gyproc® board edge is smooth, the board texture is easy to cut, easy to install, easy to plaster, helps work faster.
    • Gyproc® board is lighter weight. Makes it easy to move without wasting effort.
    • Gyproc® board has a variety of special properties. Available in all types of applications, such as heatproofs, soundproof, water-proof , fire-resistant, or extra-strong boards, etc. 
    • Help to be safe for health and help protect the environment through the standard of ASTM D5116-06 standard. and guarantees the release of Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde or ammonia in low emissions. Our boards maintain the home environment for residents to be healthy and pollution-free.

Installation overview

(1)Determine the height of the ceiling then fix the wall angle on the wall. Mark and install the suspension hook for the main runner at the appropriate space.

(2) Cut the main runner flat and fold the end and fix it to the wall vertically above the wall angle level.

(3) Cut the main runner and hook it to the hanging point by the rod and rod-joiner.

(4) Install the cross runner at the determined spacing below the main runner level.

(5) Connect the main runner and the cross runner with the connection clip.

(6) Adjust the level of the ceiling by sliding the rod into the rod-joiner.

(7) Fix the Gypsum Board onto the cross runner with a Drywall screw-in appropriate centers.

(8) Treat all joints with Gyproc® JOINTING tape or it in the wet area, treat all joints with Gypfill™ JOINT HYDRO and taped with Gyproc® Fiber Tape HYDRO. and also the Screw covered.

Construction detail
(1) Typical detail
Section-Concealed ceiling


Section-Concealed ceiling(1) GypFrame® ML50A

(2) GypFrame® GA1

(3) Gyproc® Gypsum Board


(2) Table of choice for metal frame and spacing  

Conceal Spacing

 Hanging rod -Concealed

(1) Gypframe® GA1

(2) Gypframe® ML50A

(3) Gyproc® Wafer Head Screw

(3) Section details

Section-Concealed ceiling

(1) GypFrame®  ML50A

(2) GypFrame® GA1

(3) Gyproc® Gypsum Board


(4) Modified angle steel as a hanging rod detail

 Hanging rod -Concealed

(1) GypFrame® GA1

(2) GypFrame®ML50A

(3) Gyproc® Wafer Head Screw


(5) Shadow line detail

Shadow line -Conceal

(1) GypFrame® ML50A

(2) Gyproc® Gypsum Board

(3) GypFrame® GA1

(4) Gyproc® Shadow Line


(6) Change of level detail

Change of level detail -Conceal

(7) Proserve detail

Proserve detail -Conceal(1) GypFrame® ML50A

(2) Gyproc® Wafer Head Screw

(3) Gyproc® ProServe