Gyproc GypLyner® -Metal framed wall lining system

Gyproc GypLyner®
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Key facts

  • Background surface irregularities are accommodated within the framework cavity.
  • Provides a solution for backgrounds that are not suitable for bonded systems, for example, plasters or DriLyner® systems.
  • Services are easily incorporated within the framework.
  • Wide range of U-values achievable to suit project requirements through our extensive selection of Gyproc ThermaLine® laminate board types and framework.
  • The minimal thermal bridging of the insulation layer due to the small, discrete fixings back to the substrate.
  • Provides a thermally responsive environment with quick heating time as a result of positioning the insulation layer on the warm side of the room.
  • Provides a high-performance option to achieve enhanced acoustic performance.


  • Gyproc GypLyner®  is a cost-effective, virtually independent metal wall lining system. This system is commonly used where the external wall or substrate is very uneven or out of plumb.
  • Key Benefit of Gyproc® Boards (See more details)

    • Gyproc® Boards is strong, firm. It is difficult to bend.
    • The smoothness of the board surface and keeps the joints smooth. until the seam is not visible as per the big one sheet.
    • The screw head does not fall off, does not sink when shooting the screw.
    • Gyproc® board edge is smooth, the board texture is easy to cut, easy to install, easy to plaster, helps work faster.
    • Gyproc® board is lighter weight. Makes it easy to move without wasting effort.
    • Gyproc® board has a variety of special properties. Available in all types of applications, such as heatproofs, soundproof, water-proof , fire-resistant, or extra-strong boards, etc. 
    • Help to be safe for health and help protect the environment through the standard of ASTM D5116-06 standard. and guarantees the release of Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde or ammonia in low emissions. Our boards maintain the home environment for residents to be healthy and pollution-free.
Installation overview
  1. GypFrame® ML6A Track is fixed at the perimeter of the room with the longer leg at the bottom.
  2. GypFrame® ML75 Brackets are fixed to the soffit at the required centers.
  3. GypFrame® ML50A Lining Channels are located into the perimeter track and each leg of the GypFrame® ML75 Brackets are screw -fixed to the GypFrame® ML50A Lining Channels with Gyproc® Wafer Head Screws.
  4. The protruding legs of each bracket are bent to sit back from the channel face. GypFrame® ML50A Lining Channel sections are extended using GypFrame® ML3A Channel Connectors


Construction detail




(1) Typical details

Typical detail-gyplyner.jpg




(1)  GypFrame® ML6A

2) GypFrame® ML50A

(3) GypFrame® ML75

(4) Gyproc® Gypsum Board

(5) Existing (by other)



(2) Section details


(1) Gyproc® expansion bolt 6 mm

(2) GypFrame® ML75

(3) Gyproc® Wafer Head Screw