Gyproc® Spec Sure Guarantee System

Guarantee System

Gyproc® Spec Sure

Mettre en œuvre des produits Placo® 
marqués SystèmePlaco®, c’est :

  • L’utilisation de produits de qualité : respect des normes produits (Européennes et NF)
  • Le respect des règles de l’art : conformité au DTU
  • L’atteinte des performances : performances techniques des ouvrages (mécanique, acoustique, feu) validées par des rapports d’essais et mise à disposition des documents techniques (PV, Avis Techniques, FDE&S).

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Key facts

  • Can be used to create a unique pattern and color depending on the board used.
  • Noise and reverberation time is reduced by the installation of sound-absorption ceiling tiles.
  • Non-hygroscopic GypFrame® metal framework will not twist, warp or rot.
  • Easy and economic for maintenance.



  • Gyproc® Ceiling tiled is a lightweight ceiling system in T-bar framing. It presents an attractive pre-finished surface possible by selecting a gypsum board. A pre-finished surface is available in either paint or PVC laminated.

  • Our quick-reference ceiling system guide allows you to simply select the performance categories of interest and identify the Gyproc® ceiling systems that best satisfy your project requirements.

Installation overview



Construction detail
(1) Typical detail : Gyproc® Grid 60x60 cm
Typical -Tbar ceiling-60x60.jpg 

(1)GypFrame® Main-T

(2) GypFrame® Cross-T

(3) Gyproc® Cut Tile Board 600 x 600 mm

(4) Gyproc® GA1




(2) Typical detail : Gyproc® Grid 60x120 cm

Typical -Tbar ceiling-60x120.jpg

(1)GypFrame® Main-T

(2) GypFrame® Cross-T

(3) Gyproc® Cut Tile Board 600 x 1200 mm

(4) Gyproc® GA1


(3) Framing Space detail

Framing space -Tbar.jpg









(1) GypFrame® Main-T

(2) GypFrame® Cross-T

(3) Support point @ 1200 x 1200 mm

(4) Support point not over 300 mm from the existing wall

(5) Existing wall


(1) T-bar wall angle detail







(1) GypFrame® Main-T

(2) GypFrame® GA1

(3) Gyproc® Shadow Line


(4) Reveal edge detail
Reveal edge-Tbar.jpg 

(1) GypFrame® Grid 38

(2)  4-Reveal Gyproc® Board


(5) Component detail

Component -Tbar.jpg









(1) Gyproc® Grid Main-T

(2) Gyproc® Grid Coss-T

(3) Gyproc® Suspension Hook

(4) Gyproc® Steel Rod 4 mm

(5) Gyproc® Soft cleat

(6) Gyproc® Expansion Bolt 6 mm

System component












(1) ยิปรอค กริด โครงคร่าวหลัก

(2) ยิปรอค กริด โครงคร่าวซอย

(3) ยิปรอค โครงลวด

(4) ยิปรอค ขอหิ้ว ที-บาร์

(5) ยิปรอค ฉากเหล็ก 2รู

(6) ยิปรอค พุกเหล็ก

(7) ยิปรอค สแตนเลส สปริงปรับระดับ 4 มม.

(8)-(10) แผ่นฝ้าเพดานยิปรอค เลือกรุ่นได้ตามคุณสมบัติที่ต้องการ

(1) Determine the height of the ceiling then fix the wall angle on the wall. Mark and install the suspension hook for the main runner at the appropriate space.

(2) Cut the main runner and hook it to the hanging point by the rod and rod-joiner

(3) Install the cross runner by inserting the ends of the cross runner into the slots of the main runner.

(4) Adjust the level of the ceiling by sliding the rod into the rod-joiner.

(5) Staring from the center of the room, drop the ceiling tiles into their position by tilting them slightly, lifting them above the framework, and letting them fall in place.


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