Marketing description

  • Gyproc® jointing materials produce durable joint reinforcement and a smooth, continuous, crack-resistant surface ready for priming and final decoration.
  • Gyproc® jointing materials seal the lining, a prerequisite if the building element is to achieve specified levels of fire resistance and sound insulation. The materials can be applied either manually using hand tools, or mechanically, using mechanical jointing tools. A number of jointing specifications are available to suit the board type, method of application, and site preference.


Key facts

  • Produces a seamless surface ready for decoration.

  • For larger areas, these products can be mechanically applied.

  • Area of ​​use : Suitable for plastering joints of gypsum boards. Plastering work on screw heads as well as repair work on all types of gypsum work surfaces For finishing the surface before painting or applying wallpaper. Use only for indoor applications and areas that do not touch water or regular humidity

    Performance : 

Interior walls
 and ceilings 

General use and not used on humidity area

Durable and impact- resistance area

Gyproc® Jointing X


Gypfill Super Joint X   X


Installation overview

(1)Gyproc® Cotton Tape or Gyproc® Fiber Tape is bedded into the appropriate Gyproc® JOINTING compound to all board joints and internal corners.

(2) For external corners, Gyproc Levelline® Corner Bead are bedded with a Gyproc® setting compound.

(3) Where there is an increased risk of cracking, or where joints exceed 3 mm, the joints are reinforced with Gyproc® Cotton Tape bedded in Gypfil™ plaster. In other situations, gypsum board joints can be joint with Gypfill™ JOINTING HYDRO and reinforced with Gyproc® Fiber Tape HYDRO.

(4) Primer is applied to the entire board surface and jointed areas, to prepare the lining for final decorative treatment.



Construction detail
1. Construction details

typical jointing

(1) Jointing material 1st layer is applied

(2) Embedded cotton tape

(3) Jointing material covers the cotton tape

(4) Wider application of jointing

(5) Thin surface coat or skimming