Thai Gypsum Pcl., Headquarters
Mahanakorn Gypsum Bldg.
539/2 Sri Ayutthaya Rd., Ratchathewi 10400
Tel +66 2 700 9300

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Covers useful advice on how to choose the right Gyproc products for specific applications, and how to remain within the budget. Recommendations also include the design of the most appropriate wall and ceiling systems for office buildings and residential needs, contractors list, as well as tips and techniques that help improve the building efficiency and lengthen the product life cycle. There are four featured solutions available at the Center:


  • For inquiries please call us at +66(0)2-640-8600
  • Thai Gypsum Products Pcl, Gypsum Metropolitan Tower
  • Open Hours : Monday–Friday: 9.00 –17.00 

gypsum customer service Toll free 02-700-9444