Thai Gypsum Pcl., Headquarters
Mahanakorn Gypsum Bldg.
539/2 Sri Ayutthaya Rd., Ratchathewi 10400
Tel +66 2 700 9300

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Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok


This is the place where a long yet interesting history of Thai art is recorded and a perfect combination between the extraordinary traditional Thai art and the academic art known internationally is demonstrated.

From a design standpoint, the building portrays the idea that it has been aesthetically carved from a single piece of granite. The most striking feature of the building is the openwork carving which adorns either side of the facade, resembling enchanting plumes of jasmine cascading down the wall. The gaps between the jasmine plumes let in natural light tracing the patterns of the carved walls onto the atrium floor, which reveals the excellent workmanship that has gone into the building. This artistic play on light changes throughout the day as the sun moves and adds to the feelings and emotions of the individuals.


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