Gyproc® Wall Finish Skimcoat Plaster

4500 mm
9000 mm
200 mm

Gyproc Wall Finish is a white, gypsum-based super fine finishing plaster suitable for skim coating applications of 1 - 3 mm thick onto interior walls and ceilings It has an extra light-weight, but meaty consistency that ensures good workability and improves coverage on cement-rendered, concrete or drywall surfaces. It also conceals hair-line cracks to produce durable, perfectly smooth and flawless surface ready for final painting and decoration. It is recommended to apply solvent-based primer before final painting. It is suitable for interior finishing where surfaces are free from water and away from high humidity conditions.

Key Product Benefits

  • High resistance
  • Smoothness
  • High strength


Product details


Levelling for smooth wall surface on cementitious, concrete, gypsum walls

Product Variations

Articles information
Name CPU length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Total surface covered
Nameปูนยิปซัม ยิปรอค วอลล์ฟินิซ ปูนฉาบสกิมโค้ทภายใน สูตรเรียบเนียน 25กก. CPU length (mm)9000 Width (mm)200 Height (mm)4500 Weight (kg)25 Total surface covered1.00


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