Gyproc® ThermaTile® 29mm

29 mm
600 mm
600 mm

Gyproc ThermaTine is the perfect way to enhance thermal insulation. Whether designed into buildings from the outset or retro-fitted into older buildings. It provides an easy way to achieve energy efficiency saving your time and money

Key Product Benefits

  • Save up to 69% on your electricity bill
  • More heat resistance up to 40% comparing with regular board with insulation
  • Save 50% of labor cost
  • EPS foam F grade


Product details
White face paper
Back - Covered white EPS (Expandend Poly Styrene High Density) foam
Standard Value-Added


Top floor ceiling
T-Bar ceiling
Interior ceiling
Where to control the temperature and require the electricity costs reduction from air conditioners
Direct sunlight area

Product Variations

Articles information
Name CPU length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) Edge type
Nameแผ่นฝ้าที-บาร์ ยิปรอค เทอร์มัลไทล์ ชนิดกันร้อนพิเศษ ด้วยฉนวนโฟม EPS หนาแน่นสูง 29x600x600มม. ขอบตรง CPU length (mm)600 Width (mm)600 Height (mm)29 Thickness (mm)29 Weight (kg)2.13 Edge typeขอบเรียบ ขอบตรง (SE)