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The Eurocoustic Minerval® range improves the safety and acoustic comfort of those in the room. Its composition and technical characteristics over optimal reaction-to-fire and air quality properties,

as well as high acoustic absorption performance.

Key facts


  • Fire reaction: A1
  • Fire resistance : 
    Eurocoustic Minerval® A 12: REI 120 (EN 1365-2)
    Eurocoustic Minerval® A 15: SF 30 (NBN 713-020)
  • No sagging, humidity resistant

INCREASED COMFORT : Acoustic absorption:

  • Eurocoustic Minerval® A 12: αw= 0.90 / NRC = 0.85
  • Eurocoustic Minerval® A 15: αw= 0.95 / NRC = 0.9
  • Eurocoustic Minerval® E 15: αw= 0.95 / NRC = 0.9



  • Rigid stone wool self-supporting panel.  
  • Decorative glass fiber veil on the visible side.
  • Reinforced by a natural glass facing on the reverse side.
  •  Designed for use with Gyproc® Grid 32T24, Gyproc® Grid 38T24 และ Gyproc® Grid 38T15  A12 and A15 Eurocoustic Minerval®
  • White decorative glass fiber veil. 
  • High density stone wool panel of 12 or 15 mm Stone wool
  • High density stone wool panel of 15 mm Stone wool 
  • Natural glass veil A Edges on the reverse side

Mineral wool is recyclable, and the vast majority of production
waste is recycled. The recycled content of our Eurocoustic
Minerval® panels is 45%.


  • Eurocoustic Minerval® is ISO 14001: 2004 certified (Environmental Management System).
  • For projects based on NF HQETM, LEED® and BREEAM® construction principles, the verified Environmental & Health
  • Product Declarations are available at contact us for more information about environmental certification.


  • Stone wool panels are manufactured with fibers exempt from the carcinogenic classification (European Regulation 1272/2008 as amended by European Regulation 790/2009).
  • According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, mineral wool is not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans (Group 3).

Eurocoustic Mineval® A12, A15 : DoP N :007-01
Eurocoustic Mineval® E15 : DoP N :007-05

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