Gyproc® Glasroc H Board 12.5mm

Gyproc Glasroc H with fiberglass surface, the best moisture-resistant type for dry wall systems in wet areas. It provides outstanding performance in terms of tilng. Not only it is a gypsum board that is resistant to high humidity but also the surface area can also reflect water well.
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1200 mm
2400 mm
12.5 mm

Gyproc® Glasroc H incorporates enhanced GRG(Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum) technology using pre-coated glass mats on the surface of the board instead of paper liners normally used on plasterboards to provide enhances moisture and mould resistance. Gyproc® Glasroc H provides outstanding performance as a tile backing and wet areas board in environments where there is frequent exposure to moisture, such as shower enclosures, bathrooms, swimming pool halls that have controlled environments with ventilation and other applications where there is likely to be moisture or high humidity present. The gypsum core provides water resistant properties and whilst the light-blue coloured pre-primed surface repels water that protects the construction; it also provides an optimum surface to direct tiling or smooth decoration. Gyproc® Glasroc H is ideal in high moisture environments, providing peace of mind where customers prefer the easy handling and installing of gypsum boards but with a greater resistance to moisture and mould.

Key Product Benefits

  • Termite-prevention ceiling and wall and maintain the gypsum meat to last long.
  • High-humidity resistance
  • Mold resistance
  • Tiling on vertical wall up to 60 kg / sqm
  • No paint primer require before paint


BS EN 520, BS EN 476, BS EN 13501 : A1, ASTM C1178, ASTM D3273, AS/NZS 2588, Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP)
Product details
Blue face paper
Grey reverse side paper
Premium Value-Added


Concealed ceiling
Interior wall
Balcony, bathroom, shower room, kitchen
Exterior eaves

Product Variations

Articles information
Name CPU length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Total surface covered Edge type
Nameแผ่นยิปรอค กลาสร็อค เอช แผ่นยิปซัมผิวหน้าใยแก้ว ชนิดทนชื้นที่ดีที่สุด สำหรับระบบผนังแห้งในพื้นที่เปียก 12.5x1200x2400มม. ขอบลาด CPU length (mm)2400 Width (mm)12.5 Height (mm)1200 Weight (kg)30.816 Total surface covered10.75 Edge typeขอบลาด (RE)
CPU length (mm)2400 Width (mm)12.5 Height (mm)1200 Weight (kg)30.816 Edge type


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