Gypframe® XLine5 0.5x37x14mm

Gyproc GypFrame X is an innovative galvanized steel metal frame produced with VECTOR profile roll forming technology, which is a symmetrical steel corrugation. Resulting in increasing the strength of the structure, both the Gyproc concealed ceiling system and drywall system with C-STUD & U-TRACK frames for the property of strong, durable, excellent load-bearing, easy to install, quick, easy to shoot screws and reduce problems.
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Gypframe X-Line5 0.5mm is produced with an innovative rolling process which produce the uniqued serrated pattern as "Vector Profile" across the surface of metal lines. It is conforms to TIS 863-2532 : Class 2 and recommended to apply with internal concealed ceiling system as metal main & cross channel

Key Product Benefits

  • Strong with Vector Profile Technology
  • Durable & Low Stain
  • Easy Installation
  • Conform TIS 863-2532


TIS 863-2532
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Standard Value-Added


Interior ceiling
Concealed ceiling


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