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GypFrame™ ML50A

GypFrame™ ML50A is installed for both primary channel and secondary channel with accessories for total system. It is able to accept loading more than 120 newton / m. which is guaranteed by TIS 863-2532 Level 2


Key facts

  • Easy and Safe to Install 
  • Gyproc GypFrame™ ML50A is manufactured with a world-class technology machine ensuring that it is neither deflected nor twisted. The sharpness of section edge is minimized to guarantee maximum safety when working.
  • Advance Engineering Technology 
  • With patented UltraSTEEL™ technology, Gyproc GypFrame™ ML50A is manufactured by forming symmetric undulation on the surface. This produces robustness and is able to accept a degree of loading without an increase of steel thickness. It is also rust proof as it is made of galvanized steel by a “Hot-Dip Zinc Coat” technique with a thickness of 220 g/sqm. according to TIS 863-2532
  • Uniqueness 
  • Pattern of UltraSTEEL™(dimple surface) is unique from the plain steel. It is easy to inspect the right steel on the project site.

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