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Gyproc summarizes 2016 business successes and reveals 2017 direction

Richard Juggery, Managing Director of Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited

11 January, 2017, Bangkok – Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, the manufacturer of gypsum innovations over 45 years and of the leading brand “Gyproc”, has summarizes its 2016 business success details. The company is focusing on a strong marketing strategy in domestic sales and exports going forward, in addition to a well-prepared communication strategy to increase brand awareness across several international markets.

Richard Juggery, Managing Director of Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, said, “Thank you to all of our staffs and partners for their great efforts in building on our successes in 2016. To strengthen our business in 2017, Gyproc will focus on cooperation with partners to develop new innovations and launch more products. Joining alliance events is part of our strategy to expand and strengthen collaborations with domestic and international market partners; we aim to support the competitiveness of our partners and increase business growth in partnership together. Demand from housing projects and home renovations is expected to become stronger in 2017, and this coupled with our core competencies in product quality, technical expertise and innovation will allow us to earn higher revenues in 2017. Thailand also is our well-established base for exporting to markets across neighboring countries.”

He concludes, “In 2017, the construction materials business is ranked as a Top-10 “STAR” business in Thailand, eventually gaining benefits from the government’s investment in infrastructure. There’s room for growth in either exporting or expanding business to CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) countries. The only thing that could add cautious weight is greater restrictions on bank loans and high household debt; this might have a negative impact on demand in the residential market, but elsewhere signs generally are good.”

At the beginning of 2016, Gyproc launched the Gyproc Mobile Application, a new digital channel that presents a full range of Gyproc solutions in a way that is easy to navigate and effective in delivering solutions immediately for project needs. This was an important movement as it connected Gyproc customers working remotely on site with the entire range of Gyproc products and solutions.

In Q2, Gyproc presented its latest materials and construction systems under the concept “Gyproc Fit Your Style” at Architect ’16, including the Gyproc Climbing Wall which demonstrates the strength of Gypsum Gyproc Habito Board. Gyproc also sponsored and organized booth activities to showcase gypsum products at BCI Asia Awards 2016. The highlight of Q2 was The 10th Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy in which Gyproc nominated three projects selected from Thailand’s inaugural Saint-Gobain Gyproc National Trophy entries.

In Q3, Gyproc continued to join trade and alliance partners event such as 2016 Thai Green Building Expo and Conference, Home Expo by Central Group and many more. Apart of domestic activities, Gyproc also concentrated on brand awareness programs in neighboring countries such as the Philippines. Gyproc demonstrated Thai innovation at CONEX 2016 where exhibitors could embrace Gyproc’s expert knowledge in regional gypsum markets. Gyproc also launched the second phase of its Gyproc application/website revamp and refocused on digital communications that allow it to meet the needs of new consumers such as university students.

For the last quarter, Gyproc enhanced relationships with consumers both domestic and in export markets, with two highlight activities: “Gyproc Safe & Sound” (an exclusive Architect Seminar), and “U-Lead Campus Tour Project” (to build strong relations with a new generation of young architects). The company also expanded its ASEAN reach with engagement events in Cambodia and Laos by attending the Cambodia Construction Industry Expo 2016 and a stopover in Laos for the “Architect and Installer Night” which aimed to promote various features and demonstrate how to install Gyproc gypsum board to architects and installers.

Gyproc wishes to thank its media colleagues and partners for their excellent enthusiasm and support throughout 2016. The company looks forward to supporting the construction and product innovation industries in 2017, and will continue to pioneer a program of interesting and helpful activities throughout the New Year.

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