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Gyproc sealed the award "Outstanding Establishment in promoting the development of skilled labor

Thai Gypsum Products Pcl., an innovative manufacturer of high quality gypsum products under the brand "Gyproc" and a leading solution provider in walls and ceiling systems for more than 45 years, has been awarded “Outstanding Organization of Skill Development” in The Best of DSD 2016 organized by the Ministry of Labour. The awarding ceremony was honoured to have Gen. Sirichai Distakul, Minister of Labour as a guest of honour. Department of Skill Development (DSD) has arranged the mentioned event to honour the individuals or organization having an outstanding performance in skill development, which is an essential element to drive the quality of Thai labors forward.

According to the government’s policy in the importance of the skill development and the reduction in social inequity, Department of Skill Development (DSD) needs to increase the hiring rate in order to assure the stable income of ones’ livings by putting an effort for everyone to have the equity in learning and skill development. To succeed and achieve the goals and objectives, Thai Gypsum Products Pcl. is one of 59 organizations which are selected nationwide to be awarded as “Outstanding Organization of Skill Development”. This award guarantees the success, attempt, and unity of the organization to build the standardized skill development which leads the whole nation to another page of the history.

Mr.Richard Juggery, Managing Director of Thai Gypsum Products Pcl., said "On behalf of all employees who work in our organization, I would like to thank the Ministry of Labor in awarding Thai Gypsum Products a leading company which provides monetary and material supports and assist the flow of the skill development activities from Department of Skill Development (DSD). We are looking forward to creating hiring chances for Thai labors continuously, and still investing on skill development for employees and system installers.”

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