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Gyproc proudly presents “Gyproc Go Green” philosophy at 2015 Thai Green Building Expo and Conference


Thai Gypsum Products enrich construction industry with innovation, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability

Bangkok – Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, the manufacturer of gypsum innovations more than 45 years and of the leading brand “Gyproc,” proudly presented its “Gyproc Go Green” product development and production methodologies, also known within the industry as Gyproc 3G, at the 2015 Thai Green Building Expo and Conference. Gyproc Go Green’s three components, Green Products, Green Solutions and Green Manufacturing, help preserve natural resources and reduce environmental pollution. The program benefits the health of anyone working in the gypsum production line, as well as installers and end users.

Richard Juggery, Managing Director, Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, said, “Gyproc Go Green” is the central pillar in every product and every solution created by Gyproc. It is a core methodology which affects the way we innovate products and produce those solutions in a way which is as kind as possible to both the environment, to our staff and family of installers, and also to the sustainability of our industry at large.”

The purpose of the Thai Green Building Expo and Conference 2015 was to promote the work of the Thai Green Building Institute and develop architectural and engineering professional sustainability by adapting technology for design, construction and building maintenance to save energy and the environment.

This important construction industry forum was created by the Thai Green Building Institute, and held at BITEC Bangna. Gyproc hosted booth activities for its product presentation display at the 2015 Thai Green Building Expo and Conference.

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