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Gyproc presents ProClean Color, the hygienic, aesthetic ceiling tile solution

ยิปรอค แนะนำฝ้าเพดาน โปรคลีน คัลเลอร์

Bangkok: Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, the manufacturer of leading gypsum innovative solutions under the brand “Gyproc”, presents its latest product “ProClean Color,” a totally hygienic ceiling tile which combines aesthetic beauty, ease of cleaning, dust-free properties and non-fire propagation. Thai Gypsum Products PCL is focused on launching innovative solutions which help preserve natural resources, and reduce pollution and global warming through its Gyproc Go Green methodologies.

ProClean Color has been launched following the successful introduction of the ProClean original white color tile. ProClean Color is now available in three shades: Sky Blue, Pearl Pink and Crystal Green. The market’s first “hygienic” ceiling tile is manufactured from high quality 8mm gypsum board faced with special wax paper for easy cleaning. The product is durable and lightweight, and is easy to install courtesy of a T-bar ‘trim edge’ – an elegant yet simple solution making installation very quick and simple.

ProClean Color is the latest Gyproc product to be launched under the company’s ethos of Gyproc Go Green. Gyproc Go Green, also called Gyproc 3G, is a health-conscious product development strategy that benefits the health of anyone working in the gypsum production line as well as users and consumers.

There are three elements that define and characterize this eco-strategy: Green Products (the use of eco-friendly, recycled materials free from radioactive agents and health threatening elements such as cadmium and lead; also compliance with ASTM D5116-90 signifying low dispersion of chemicals); Green Solutions, which includes energy-saving wall and ceiling systems to prevent heat from entering the building, reducing energy consumed by air-conditioners; and Green Manufacturing – Gyproc’s plant guarantees eco-friendliness across the entire production process with ISO 14001 certification, coupled with advanced wastewater treatment and energy saving.

Working in partnership with its valued customers, it is Gyproc’s vision to help preserve natural resources, and reduce pollution and global warming issues by continually innovating Gyproc Go Green products such as the new ProClean Color… so customers can now go crystal green, as well as traditional white, sky blue or pearl pink!

For more information, please visit website Gyproc or Facebook.

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