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Gyproc hosts multifaceted ‘Customer Thank You Event’ program

ยิปรอค งานเลี้ยงขอบคุณลูกค้า

Chonburi – Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, the manufacturer of leading gypsum innovative solutions under the brand “Gyproc,” hosted a Thank You Event to express gratitude to 200 of its loyal customers, distributors, retailers, architects, property owners and contractors. The event comprised a series of special activities, including a trip to Laem Chabang’s recycling project, a community plant that was developed in conjunction with Gyproc. The plant produces concrete paving blocks from recycled residues to create tangible production of benefit to the local area. The tour also visited Gyproc’s Nanoball innovation at a mangrove forest near to Laem Chabang Industrial Estate, another Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by Gyproc that is used to treat waste water.

The event culminated in a retro-themed ‘Thank You Party’ which included a prize-giving contest, a costume contest, and also a short business seminar on AEC readiness hosted at Hilton Hotel Pattaya.

Richard Juggery, Managing Director of Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, said, “On behalf of Thai Gypsum Products, I would like to thank all of our clients and partners for being a part of the Gyproc family. We are committed to provide customer support by offering innovative gypsum products which globally represent our core business. Gyproc’s family has been growing and continues to become stronger in partnership with our trade partners; with 6 depots, 4 Gyproc Centers and 22 Gyproc Zones across the country, we are fully ready to respond to demand that will rise from the launch of AEC in 2015.”

Claude-Alain Tardy, Head of Gypsum and Chief Executive Officer of Saint-Gobain, added, “The great success of Saint-Gobain’s business is a result of our investment to provide the best solutions that are effectively functional for consumers in the Thai market. Saint-Gobain will organize a worldwide 350th Anniversary in the next year to express our gratitude and celebrate the strong relationship we enjoy with our clients and partners. For Thailand, Saint-Gobain plans more investment into personnel training and Corporate Social Responsibility programs to ensure sustainable success in the long term. We maintain our focus on Gyproc Go Green, a health-conscious product development strategy that benefits the health of anyone working in the gypsum production line, as well as end users and consumers.”

As a part of the Gyproc Go Green vision, a recycling project at Laem Chabang was developed in co-operation between Gyproc and Laem Chabang Industrial Estate Community. The plant, which was approved through a memorandum of understanding between the community and government, was established to recycle residues from manufacturing processes, called “waster screen,” for production of concrete paving blocks. The purpose is to turn harmful industrial waste into usable new products, reducing waste elimination process impact and saving energy.

The cooperation brings about a good relationship and sustainable partnership between the industrial sector and society. The plant recently was awarded a certificate from the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand for its participation in the ‘Eco for Life’ program, which encourages people to practically apply 3R: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

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