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Gyproc hosts exclusive Architect Seminar to strengthen relationship with customers

(In photo): Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited led by Richard Juggery (3rd  from right), Managing Director of Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited and Gyproc’s management team hosted the architect seminar under the theme of “Gyproc Safe & Sound,” together with Thailand’s premier architecture groups at the St. Regis Bangkok Hotel.


Bangkok – Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, the manufacturer of gypsum innovations over 45 years and of the leading brand “Gyproc,” hosted an architect seminar to strengthen relationships with architects in Thailand. The seminar, presented under the theme of "Gyproc Safe & Sound," offered a chance for architects to develop a strong understanding of the complete range of Gyproc products and solutions in terms of their fire and acoustic performance. The seminar was held at the St. Regis Bangkok Hotel.

Richard Juggery, Managing Director of Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, said, “Gyproc has identified a strong potential growth area in the support of leading architects in Thailand. As construction in Thailand continues apace, we are highly attuned to serving the needs of premier architects operating in the design, construction and reconstruction of projects across the spectrum. Our solutions offer innovative uses combined with quality construction, safety, and a leading focus on disposability and recyclability. We would like to thank all of the architects who joined our seminar, and we hope to host similar events very soon.”

The seminar was presented by well-known speaker, Krissada Vivatvakin, Ph.D., an expert in acoustic and audiovisual systems design, who offered a speech on the topic Acoustics for Building Design. He has been involved in the areas of acoustics, noise control and audiovisual design for hotels, auditoriums, meeting rooms, convention centers and studios. Building Design to Reduce Fire Risk was presented by Pol.Lt.Col. Bundit Pradabsook, Ph.D., Vice President of The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage. He is well known and a respected expert in building design and fire protection systems.

Gyproc also showcased product solutions for fire and acoustic performance, which included Gyproc® HabitoTM - a new option in construction that combines three ideal qualities: Extreme Shock Resistance, Soundproof, and Easy to Install; GypWall® Sound MAXX – a wall system to prevent the sound transmission in/out of the designed room, for newly-built drywall construction; GypLyner® Sound MAXX – a wall system for improving thermal and sound insulation of existing solid wall construction; Gyptone Reflex Guard – a ceiling system designed to absorb reflecting sound to avoid excessive or unwelcome sound interference; Fire Stop Board – a board that comprises gypsum compound mixed with fiberglass and micro silica in its core, designed for fire resistance up to 1-3 hours.

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