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Caring techniques for gypsum ceiling in your house.

Posted on 20.04.2021 - updated on: 01.11.2022

Is it be known how to clean the ceiling? Many of you may still be wondering and worried if the ceiling is exposed to water, it will be damaged, rotting or accumulating moisture. It's highly recommended to select the suitable type of Gyproc® plasterboards. 


The ceiling is an area that many people overlook for cleaning and maintenance. Ceilings are a large collection of dirt, germs, and dust. Which of these impurities, if we leave it for a long time. Will become a breeding ground for various pathogens.

If the people in the house breathe dust and this dirt. May cause allergies or respiratory disease to the inhabitants. For the good hygiene of the people in the house Let's start taking care of the ceiling with these simple techniques.


Grid installation selection and ceiling frame must choose a material that has been certified standard. If the accessories installed is not certified, it may cause the ceiling to bend. Consequently, the structure is unable to hold the weight and have a shorter lifetime.

Installing the service panels, removing the ceiling, repairing and maintaining the ceiling systems is not an easy task. We should install a service panel, which is a channel that allows us to inspect and repair damages that occur above the ceiling more conveniently.

Waterproof on Ceiling

Choosing to use ceiling panels when there is mold or stains that cannot be wiped off on the ceiling :

  • If it is a T-Bar ceiling We can change it.
  • If it is a plastered ceiling We can fix it. Using a cutter knife to slit the dirty part into a square shape. Leave in the ceiling frame. Then cut a new gypsum board to the same size, cover it with tape to cover the marks.
    •  Or screw on the ceiling and paint over it again. But it's not forgotten that painting the new ceiling, we may not match the original color due to the aging of the color life, so if the ceiling area is small, we should paint to cover all the ceiling areas completely for its beauty overview. After that, cover up the repairing marks.

To avoid a future ceiling problem, check the tidiness after installation. Before closing the new ceiling, anything above the ceiling should be inspected, including cables, pipes, water and other systems. 



How to clean the ceiling as follows

Organize the interior of the room: we should start by cleaning up all things under the ceiling. In order to avoid all the dust fall down when cleaning or fix the ceiling in that area.

Preparation :

  • Vacuum cleaner, a long dust extraction hose or a feather duster 
  • Lengthened timber to the ceiling
  •  Damp cloth
  • Vinegar
  • Face mask
  • Protection glasses



Initial dust removal : We can connect the vacuum cleaner hose to a long pipe to suck dust that has stuck in the ceiling. But without a vacuum cleaner You can use a big broom instead.

Wipe clean: use a damp cloth to cover it at the end of a long wooden handle. To clean off the molded ceiling, use a cloth moistened with vinegar. Then, wipe the area where there is a fungus stayed because vinegar is acidic, it can get rid of mold.

Clean other parts: e.g. service panels, ventilation fans. We can clean of the dust by extending the vacuum cleaner hose and use a damp cloth to wipe off.



Gyproc® T-Bar ceiling board with the special features of easy clean off.

After knowing how to clean the ceiling. We may still be worried that if the ceiling is exposed to water, it will be damaged, rotting or accumulating moisture. It's recommended to use the Gyproc ceiling tiles, T-Bar ceiling board with the special features of easy clean off.

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