Thai Gypsum Pcl., Headquarters
Mahanakorn Gypsum Bldg.
539/2 Sri Ayutthaya Rd., Ratchathewi 10400
Tel +66 2 700 9300

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With the quality guaranteed with the standard for more than 50 years in Thailand, it's worthy to use Gyproc® solutions.

Let's see 8 reasons why we choose to use Gyproc® solutions.


1.Gyproc® gypsumboards are strong, tough, not shrinkage.


2. Gyproc® gypsumboards has a smooth surface. They can be plastered to keep joints smooth and nice.


3. It's better to screw on Gyproc® gypsumboards. The screw head is not being come off and sinked.


4. The edge of Gyproc® gypsumboards are smooth texture, easy to cut, easy to install, easy to putty. It provides all works faster.


5.Gyproc® gypsumboards is lighter and easier to move and transport conveniently.


6. Gyproc® gypsumboards has a variety of special features. They are available in all types of applications such as thermal, soundproofing, moisture-resistant, fireproof or robustness propoerty, etc.

Gyproc Gypsumboards


7. Gyproc® gypsumboards are certified with quality standards for both TIS and world-class standards.

Gyproc Product Standard


8. We are committed to operate all precedures to be safe for health and to protect the environment through the guaranteed proof of ASTM D5116-06 standard. Additionally, we are committed to operate all precedures to release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde or ammonia as the least emitted volume as possible in order to contribute to maintaining a healthy home environment without pollution.

Gyproc Environmental & Health Standard


All of these are proofs that Gyproc make everyone confident of the quality of Gyproc® gypsumboards for more than 50 years in Thailand. Consequently with our production plants that meet ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. 


gypsum customer service Toll free 02-700-9444

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