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ISOVER Building Insulation

ISOVER Building Insulation's semi rigid and rigid boards manufactured from stable glass fibers bonded with thermosetting resins. Capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures encountered in applications of GypWall® System or in flat roofings. Easy to handle, cut to suit intricate shapes, lightweight, strong and resilient.

Key facts

Properties of ISOVER Glasswool Products

  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Superior acoustic performance
  • Excellent fire safety
  • Environmentally friendly: made from abundantly available, non-strategic materials like sand and up to 80% recycled glass.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications (flexible, semi-rigid, rigid and extra-rigid)
  • Easy to cut and install, minimum wastage on site. No sagging or settling
  • Comparatively light weight. Dimensionally stable
  • Complies with international standards


Standard Dimensions

Kg/m3 Thickness (mm) Width (m) Length (m)
24 (Roll) 50 1.2 15
40 (Slab) 50 1.2 2.4

Nominal Density

Kg/m3 lbs/ft3 Application
24 (Roll) 1.5 Walls&Ceiling 
40 (Slab) 2.5 Walls&Ceiling 



For thermal and acoustic insulation of GypWall® System to reduce energy losses and transmission of impact sound. For insulation of single leaf walls with dressed stone or marble facings, curtain wall and cavity wall construction, precast structures and prefabricated buildings. For thermal insulation of Gyproc® Concealed Ceiling.

Recommended Application for GypWall® System

  1. GypWall® CLASSIC - Partition with single layer of Gyproc® HABITO® board each side with insulation.
  2. GypWall® ROBUST - Partition with double layer of Gyproc® HABITO® & Gyproc® FireStop board each side with insulation.
  3. GypWall® QUIET for dry area - Partition with double layer of Gyproc® HABITO® & Gyproc® FireStop board each side with insulation.
  4. GypWall® QUIET for wet area - Partition with double layer of Gyproc® HABITO® & Gyproc® Glasroc® H OCEAN board each side with insulation.



  • Working Temperature

ISOVER glass mineral wool products can sustain

high temperatures up to 230°C

  • Thermal Conductivity

The dependencies of thermal conductivity of

ISOVER products on the mean temperature and

density, according to BS 874, ASTM C177, 518, ISO

8301, 8302 or DIN 52612 are presented in the

tables below:

Mean Temperature Thermal Conductivity in W/m.K for the following densities in kg/m3


 24  40


0.031  0.029


0.032  0.030


0.035  0.031


0.039  0.035


0.043  0.037


0.047  0.041



  • No Corrosion

Does not cause or accelerate corrosion of steel,

copper or aluminum.

  • Combustibility

Base fibers are non combustible when tested in accordance with BS 476 (part 4), ASTM E84,


  • Stability and Durability

Dimensionally stable under varying conditions

of temperature and humidity, rot proof,

odourless, non-hygroscopic and will not

sustain vermin or fungus.

  • Fire Safety

Base fibers are non-combustible when tested

in accordance with BS 476 (part 4), ASTM E84,


ISOVER Building Slabs have been tested and

listed by the Underwriters Laboratories according

to UL 723 (file R 9703).

Technical information

Product matrix

isover.pdf - 913K text  Array Array

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